Pku Bass-tenor in G

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Armenian Pku (Pzuk) instrument consists of two parts. It has eight finger holes on the front and one hole on the opposite side.

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 What’s in the Box?

  • Armenian Pku in Key of G (Bass – tenor)
  • Printed Advertising Banner of Master’s Workshop

Sound Sample

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Professional Pku Bass – Tenor G

Pku is Armenian National Wind musical instrument made of apricot tree and horn. It sounds sweet and soft. The maker of this amazing instrument Karen Hakobyan pay attention to the shape and beauty of the horn and the sound quality. Every Pku has masters signature, so you will be able to recognize our pku made in our workshop.

The tuning of pku is G bass-tenor, 53 cm in lenghts.


Horn, Wild Apricot Tree


53 cm.


G Tenor

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